Reach a Net-Zero Supply Chain

Sponsor farmers to improve soil health and reach your sustainability goals.

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By supporting livestock farmers via ruumi, you accelerate the restoration of soil health, enabling land to store up to eight times more carbon, while protecting biodiversity and local businesses.


ruumi can help you monitor existing net zero supply chain programs or implement new ones

Existing Programs

Scale Implementation

Expand and professionalise existing programs.


We monitor progress via satellite and soil sampling. Get full visibility into your farming partners.


Get full reports to understand how sustainable your farming partners are.


Get the reports needed to show you are  compliant with environmental regulations.


We use the Verra standard, the most rigorous verificaiton for sustainable projects.

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New Programs

Program structuring

Advice around claims, methodologies, practices.

Emission reduction modelling

We can help you plan how you can reduce your emissions.

Source suitable farming partners

We will help you find local farms to work with.


We can implement transition programs with your existing suppliers.


We verify our data according to the Verra Verified Carbon Standard.


We monitor progress via satellite and soil sampling.


Farmers Report daily via our bespoke free-to-use app.


Guarantee your compliance with the latest sustainability regulations.

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Our MRV software allows you to follow your farming partners’ progress in real time

We monitor progress via satellite. Farmers report daily via our bespoke free-to-use app. We verify our data according to the Verra Verified Carbon Standard. And we make all this information available to you in real-time via our open Registry.

Get Started with ruumi

Ruumi provides farmers with know-how, technology and sponsorship to improve soil health and hence capture carbon

How Ruumi works with farmers

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We baseline the farm

We take soil samples and create a baseline data set of soil health

We create a soil improvement plan

Together with the farmer, we define a soil improvement plan and use satellite data and soil sampling to verify the changes

We connect farmers with sponsorship to incentivise the transition

Farmers are incentivised to make — and maintain — the changes
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this is where
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Why you should partner with ruumi

High quality projects with full compliance and monitoring

  • GHG Protocol compliant (including soil sampling)
  • Compliance monitoring (grazing app, satellite images etc)

Strong team, partners and farmer community

  • Researchers
  • Grazing practitioners
  • 1,200 farmers
  • Partnerships with top universities

Unique technology for real-time updates

  • Grazing app
  • Open registry
  • Satellite imagery
  • Soil sampling

Want to know more?

What is ruumi?

ruumi enables farmers to restore and maintain soil heath on livestock pasture. This means more productive farms with reduced inputs and lower emissions. We connect sponsors who are interested in being part of this transition directly with farmers. Through ruumi, sponsors can purchase carbon credits, source from sustainable farms, and reach net zero in their supply chains.

What does ruumi provide?

ruumi provides technology, know-how, and finance to farmers to transition to sustainable practices. For sponsors, we provide insights and data to measure, report, and verify (MRV) sustainable practices. Through ruumi, you can not only offset carbon, and reach net-zero, but you can also support local farming communities.

Why does soil health matter?

Soil health is essential for productive and cost-effective farming systems. Additionally, soil is one of the largest carbon sinks on earth, second only to the oceans. By building and maintaining healthy, biodiverse soil, we can sequester and store more carbon from the atmosphere, which is important for mitigating climate change.

Is animal farming damaging to the environment?

Animal farming is often criticised for its negative impact on the environment, but it is important to recognise that not all animal farming practices are equal. “It’s not the cow, it’s the how”, goes the saying!

Sustainable livestock farming practices can sequester carbon from the atmosphere and improve soil health. Sustainable livestock farming can also promote biodiversity and protect natural habitats, help to create more resilient rural communities, increase access to healthy and sustainable food, and promote fair and equitable supply chains.

Through ruumi, sponsors can support livestock farmers who are committed to sustainable practices such as reducing chemical inputs, improving soil health, and optimising grazing patterns. By doing so, sponsors can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and play a role in mitigating the effects of climate change.