Your Smart Plate Meter

Meet the easiest-to-use plate meter ever. The ruumi plate meter takes the guesswork out of grass measurement allowing you to make the best grazing decisions

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More than just a plate meter


Always Connected

With its seamless integration into the ruumi app, the plate meter understands your farm and gives you actionable insights when and where to move your animals based on grazing days ahead.

Farm walks show-up in your app

Always Learning

With the ruumi plate meter app integration, the ruumi app will tell you exactly when and where to measure, reducing the time you spend on farm walks by up to 75%.


Herbal Leys

For most people with rye grasses, a traditional plate meter works well most of the time. But it can be tricky when bio-diverse seed mixes come into play. The ruumi plate meter calibrates to your specific seed mix be it rye grasses or herbal lays.

The highest quality

Battery life for a full month of farm walks.
When you are out in the fields measuring grass and making grazing decisions, the last thing you want to think about is running out of battery. With its long battery life of a month and the ruumi app telling you when to charge in advance, you can be sure to always make the best grazing decisions.

Precision Engineering.
An essential tool for grazing at your fingertips, the ruumi plate meter packs the latest in industrial grade precision engineering into a versatile companion.

Get your smart plate meter today and take the first step in modernizing your farm's grass measurement process. With a focus on herbal lays and being right there in the ruumi app, our smart plate meter is the perfect tool to help you take your farm to the next level.