Future-Proof your Farm

ruumi enables livestock farmers to improve soil health.

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Livestock Farmer

Your soil is your biggest asset — why not increase its productivity?

Restore natural productivity

Increase the productivity of your farm, while reducing costs.

Protect against extreme weather

The stronger your soil, the more resilient it is against drought, flooding and other extreme weather.

Increase profitability

Input prices for fertiliser and concentrate feed have soared. Reduce inputs, increase profits.

How ruumi helps you future proof your farm



Together with you, we baseline your farm, we then use satellite imagery and soil sampling to monitor and track your progress. Follow your results via our grazing app.

Our grazing app helps you
manage newly planted fields


We help you access finance from sponsors who want to offset carbon, get to a net-zero supply chain, or buy produce from sustainable farms.



We work with you to create a soil health improvement plan, which includes suggestions like planting nitrogen fixing species in your grass mix and improving grazing management to avoid overgrazing (less field on-time, more recovery time).

How to get started with ruumi


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Baseline your farm

We sample your soil and create a baseline data set of your soil health

Decide on a soil improvement plan

Together we define a soil improvement plan and use satellite data and soil sampling to verify the changes

Earn for the changes you make

We connect you with supporters who want to finance the transition.
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