Regenerate pasture
to make your business thrive

Get actionable insights from the latest satellite technology in our easy-to-use app.

Graze like a master
Our platform is designed to assist you on your journey to grazing mastery. We scale with you from small experiments to farm-wide success.

Satellite and machine learning technology does the hard work for you, putting insights at your fingertips.
Grazing insights at your fingertips, powered by the latest technology
Webinars and material to help you progress
Friendly staff who know about grazing at the other end 
of the phone line
“The ruumi team keep in touch with me to understand how my farm works. As a pilot farmer, it’s a pleasure to see such a game changing product take flight.”

Dan Burdett

“I’m a ruumi pilot farmer and provide ruumi with plate meter measurements plus cut and weigh. I use ruumi every week to help me utilise my grass better.”

Mark Johnston

Northern Ireland

Our 10 Pilot farmers gather precise samples weekly across the UK and Northern Ireland to help ruumi provide users with the best readings.

Get insights and watch your pasture transform!

Frequently Asked Questions
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