Scaling farmland regeneration

ruumi works with farmers and companies to create the conditions for a better future.


Approximately 40% of the world’s land area is grassland

Every hectare of grassland represents an opportunity to reduce and avoid carbon emissions – and support farmland regeneration.

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Carbon projects that drive genuine change

Our methodology is transparent, stress-tested, and measures for all emissions over the lifecycle of a project – while our unique Registry provides investors with satellite-based, real-time updates.

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Innovating with farmers, for farmers

ruumi’s unique, free grazing app simplifies the transition to managed grazing.

We believe all livestock farmers can enjoy higher sustainable yields with zero artificial input. Don’t think it can be done? Try us!

Innovating with
 farmers, for farmers


Managed grazing is widely seen as complex (in terms of planning) and labour intensive (in terms of measuring grass). The ruumi grazing app has been developed by farmers, software engineers and data scientists to help reduce these challenges. It uses a combination of radar and multi-spectral images from Sentinel satellites – as well as data from soil maps and machine learning techniques – to provide farmers with additional information and the tools they need to plan ahead with confidence.

Designed in collaboration with farmers, the app can be used in the field – even in areas with limited or zero connectivity. It also creates records which allow farmers to verify the amount of carbon being returned to the soil. This in turn allows us to produce carbon credits of unparalleled quality.

Our app isn’t perfect, of course. Unfortunately, we still can’t see cow moves in real-time from space! It does learn fast, however – used in combination with occasional, on-the-ground measurements it has a proven ability to support farmers in planning fertiliser-free grazing rotations that result in more grass, improved soil quality, and healthier animals.

ruumi testimonial

“The ruumi team keep in touch with me to understand how my farm works. As a pilot farmer, it’s a pleasure to see such a game changing product take flight.”

Dan Burdett


ruumi testimonial

“I’m a ruumi pilot farmer and provide ruumi with plate meter measurements plus cut and weigh. I use ruumi every week to help me utilise my grass better.”

Mark Johnston

Northern Ireland