Make better grazing decisions

A digital grazing platform to help you grow more grass sustainably and take control of your most valuable asset - your soil!
Grazing Success
Use our insights to take the right actions early and plan better
Covers that are always Up-to-date
Daily updates on available forage and field grazing time
Balance Supply & Demand
Calculate group demand precisely as the basis for great planning
Manage Field Allocation
Easily pull your fields between rotations and silage throughout the season.
“The ruumi team keep in touch with me to understand how my farm works. As a pilot farmer, it’s a pleasure to see such a game changing product take flight.”

Dan Burdett

“I’m a ruumi pilot farmer and provide ruumi with plate meter measurements plus cut and weigh. I use ruumi every week to help me utilise my grass better.”

Mark Johnston

Northern Ireland

Our 10 Pilot farmers gather precise samples weekly across the UK and Northern Ireland to help ruumi provide users with the best readings.

Here to help
We're here to guide you through unexpected weather and help you avoid any surprises
Get grazing insights, track animal movements, and stay up-to-date on your grass cover
Improve your game with our webinars and learning material. From the foundations of rotational grazing to mastery, we help you succeed
Friendly staff and access to the best grazing consultants. We help you deal with low grass covers, overstocking, drought, and whatever else you might need

Watch your pasture transform!

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