The best grazing support

Save tons on fertiliser and feed with our easy to use product, endorsed by the best consultants.

Easy decision making
We provide you with a grass wedge for each animal group. See your surplus, deficit and easily move fields between groups and silage.
Grazing Rotations
Assign fields to animal groups to create rotations.
Animal Groups
Create as many animal groups as you want.
Draw and edit your fields with our easy to use tools.
Get your covers the smart way
We combine multispectral images and radar from European Sentinel satellites with your own plate meter readings. We then apply machine learning with our own grass model. The fusion of these technologies enables us to provide you with the best insights for your grazing platform.
All your fields in one place
A dashboard for your grass management. See all of your fields in one place, across sites. Walk your fields because you want to and not because you have to.

Get insights and watch your pasture transform!

Frequently Asked Questions
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