Healthier Soil. Healthier Profits.

ruumi enables livestock farmers to improve soil health.

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Livestock Farmer

Get rewarded for sustainable practices

Access new forms of income


Get advice on what you may already qualify for, and what changes might be required to qualify for different programs.

Carbon Farming

Our soil carbon credits are scientifically rigorous and created from the emission reductions you achieve through the farming changes you make.

Supply Chain Programs

We work with supply chain partners who want to reach a net-zero supply chain by sponsoring farmers to transition to sustainable practices.

Premium Direct Sales

We partner with premium brands and food delivery services to sell high quality, sustainable farm produce directly to consumers.


Livestock Farmer

And reap the rewards of healthier soil

Grow More Grass. Whatever the Weather

Healthier soil is more resilient against extreme weather, making your grass/forage more robust.

Lower Costs

By growing more grass, you produce your own forage for winter and save tens of thousands on buy-in winter feed. Not to mention huge reductions in fertiliser costs.

How to get started with ruumi


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Sign-up to our grazing app to get started

Baseline your farm

We sample your soil and create a baseline data set of your soil health

Decide on a soil improvement plan

Together we define a soil improvement plan and use satellite data and soil sampling to verify the changes

Earn for the changes you make

We connect you with supporters who want to finance the transition.
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Want to know more?

What is ruumi?

ruumi enables farmers to restore and maintain soil heath on livestock pasture. This means more productive farms with reduced inputs and lower emissions.

How does ruumi work?

To enable farmers to restore soil health, ruumi provides technology, know-how, and finance:

  • Technology: our grazing app and soil sampling allows you to baseline your farm, implement changes and show evidence for the improvements you make over time.
  • Know-How: we build a soil improvement plan with you in order to make the transition to more sustainable processes as seamless as possible.
  • Finance: Get rewarded for adopting more sustainable practices: through subsidies, buyers with sustainability requirements, or through carbon credits.

How does ruumi’s technology work?

We use a range of technologies. Our grazing app uses data from multi-spectral and radar satellites, machine learning, our own plate meters, and ground truth readings from you the farmer. For farmers who choose to follow a soil improvement programme, we use soil carbon samples (taken by our partners) and advanced carbon modelling.

Is ruumi free to use?

Our grazing app is free and you can start using it straight away.

If you decide you want to join our programme to improve your soil health, there is no joining fee and we will fund you to make the change. Talk to us about the range of finance options we have available. Check out this page for more.