From the ground up

ruumi is enabling farmers to restore global soil health.

ruumi’s technology and program are built by a passionate team of software developers, data scientists, researchers, and grazing experts. We are based in the UK, Germany, and Denmark.

Since 2020 ruumi has provided farmers with technology, know-how, and financial resources to future-proof their farms.

Our vision is to see a future where farming enriches the earth.

We have big ambitions. We want to make global food supply more planet-friendly, restore ecosystems, remove tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere — and create profitable farms while doing it. But we know none of this is possible without the soil and the farmers who care for it. We are rooted in the work of the present, but stay focused on the goal of a more abundant future.



Our soil health improvement plan provides a personalised step-by-step plan for farmers who want to future proof their farms.


Our grazing app helps farmers to manage the transition and track  progress on their journey to more sustainable practices.


Farmers can access finance from sponsors who want to offset carbon and get to a net-zero supply chain.

Meet some of the team

Johannes Scheibe Nørgaard, Daniel Hofmann & Paddy Long

The co-founders of ruumi

“It’s the people - playful, sincere, and open to scientific discussions to make the world a better place - that make me feel at home within ruumi”

Esther Remmelink
Data Scientist

“I always wanted to do something which could have a positive impact on the world. Building the technology behind ruumi and seeing the impact makes me feel like my job is worthwhile.”

André Sousa

“I love working directly with innovative farmers, who are constantly exploring new ways of managing their farms.”

Christina Mairs
Account manager


The technical advisory board is a group of leading grazing experts. They help us develop and iterate on our soil improvement framework.

James Daniel

Founder of Precision Grazing

Liz Genever

Independent beef &
sheep consultant

Luppo Diepenbroek

MD of Straight Line Nutrition

Marc Jones

Advanced Regenerative

Robert Gilchrist

CEO of Aberdeen Angus
Cattle Society

Clyde Jones

Dairy consultant with herbal leys


We are collaborating with researchers from two universities to develop the latest tech

Want to know more?

What is ruumi?

ruumi enables farmers to restore and maintain soil heath on livestock pasture. This means  more productive farms with reduced inputs and lower emissions.

How does ruumi work?

To enable farmers to restore soil health, ruumi provides technology, know-how, and finance:

Technology: our grazing app and soil sampling allows you to baseline your farm, implement changes and show evidence for the improvements you make over time.

Know-How: we build a soil improvement plan with you in order to make the transition to more sustainable processes as seamless as possible.

Finance: Get rewarded for adopting more sustainable practices: through subsidies, buyers with sustainability requirements, or through carbon credits.

How does ruumi’s technology work?

We use a range of technologies. Our grazing app uses data from multispectral satellites, machine learning and ground truth readings from you the farmer.For farmers who choose follow a soil improvement programme, use 60cm deep soil carbon samples (taken by our partners) and advanced carbon modelling.

How do I sign-up?

1. Sign-up for our grazing app through the website and get started straight away
2. Let us know if you’d like us to provide you with a free farm emissions report
3. We provide you with a tailored soil improvement plan and accompanying finance options
4. Agree and get started

Is ruumi free to use?

Our grazing app is free and you can start using it straight away.If you decide you want to join our programme to improve your soil health, there is no joining fee and we will fund you to make the change. Talk to us about the range of finance options we have available. Check out this page for more.