Daily information, whatever the weather
We combine multispectral images and radar from European Sentinel satellites. We then apply machine learning with our own grass model. The fusion of these technolgies enables us to provide you with unparalleled support.
Pilot Farms, to keep providing the best innovation
We put a lot of effort into providing you with the best data. With 10 Pilot farms across the UK and Northern Ireland, ruumi is gathering the most precise ground data collected yet. We’ve installed state of the art weather stations with farmers sending weekly samples for lab analysis
Add covers to calibrate your own farm
You can add your own cover readings and compare them against the accuracy of ours. And, because ruumi is intelligent, every reading helps to calibrate the product to your land.
A word about plate meter reading
The plate meter is a useful bit of kit. However, the readings are only as consistent as the person doing the measuring. And, the bigger the farm the less reliable the results become. We hope you'll consider these inconsistencies  when comparing ruumi with your plate meter readings.

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