ruumi provides you covers in Kg DM/ha and Available Dry Matter for every field. We also show you the specific cover variation across each field.
Grass Wedges
We’ve combined the ease of remote satellite readings with the simplicity of grass wedges for easy rotation management.
Animal Groups
Grass management is only half the challenge. ruumi lets you enter as many groups as you want with different stock classes within. It’s simple to calculate demand whether you’re a sheep, beef or dairy farmer.
Assign your fields to animal groups to create grazing rotations. See each rotation highlighted on the map. Move fields easily to and from silage throughout the season.
Grazing events
Add your animal moves or mowing events as you go to help keep ruumi readings up to date and accurate.
See all of your fields at a glance. ruumi’s easy-to-use drawing tools let you add and update fields whenever you want. Draw field boundaries wherever you want.

Get insights and watch your pasture transform!

Frequently Asked Questions
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