Get grass covers that are always up-to-date
Successful grazing management needs accurate, recent and continuous grass measurements.

We update your grass readings every day to give you our estimates for grass cover, available feed and grazing days ahead.
Benefit from accurate Demand Data
Enter as many animal groups and stock classes as you want to get an accurate picture of your demand. Whether you’re a sheep, beef or dairy farmer, knowing your exact demand and how it changes over the season is the basis for good planning.
Balance Supply & Demand
Ever struggled with lower than expected grass cover? Using the grass wedge, you can perfectly balance supply & demand for your rotation, and plan ahead.
Plan Rotations
Assign your fields to animal groups to create grazing rotations. See each rotation highlighted on the map. Move fields easily to and from silage throughout the season to account for changes in stocking rates and grass growth.
Keep Records
The more fields and animals you have, the more difficult it gets to keep track of when you last grazed a field (or paddock). You can add your own records, but most of the time we detect grazing and mowing events automatically with our satellite technology.
Draw, Redraw,
get Instant Updates
It's easy to draw new field boundaries in our tool. Whenever you need to move fences or subdivide fields, we compute grass cover and dry matter variation within seconds. No need to wait for measurements or do calculations on your own.

Watch your pasture transform!

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