Carbon projects that drive genuine change

At ruumi, we provide a unique route to carbon neutrality for companies serious about accelerating nature-positive change.


Monitoring, Reporting & Verification with a difference

By supporting livestock farmers via ruumi, you offset your greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the transition to managed grazing techniques, enabling land to store up to eight times more carbon.

Our approach means that ruumi carbon credit certificates have a degree of accountability and transparency never seen before in carbon farming.

We Monitor progress via satellite. Farmers Report daily via our bespoke free-to-use app. We Verify our data according to the Verra Verified Carbon Standard.

And we make all this information available to you in real-time via our open Registry.

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Our commitment to progressive offsetting

We want you to become as passionate about our projects as we are. That’s why every ruumi project shares the following, progressive elements...


Companies offset against the carbon they produce and release into the atmosphere.


When companies release carbon, it remains in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. The same principle should apply to carbon offsets.


Estimates for carbon stored or saved have to be accurate.


Managed grazing removes carbon from the atmosphere and sequesters it in soil.


The most successful carbon projects forge strong links between sellers and offsetters.

All carbon projects are NOT alike!

ruumi testimonial

“The ruumi team keep in touch with me to understand how my farm works. As a pilot farmer, it’s a pleasure to see such a game changing product take flight.”

Dan Burdett


ruumi testimonial

“I’m a ruumi pilot farmer and provide ruumi with plate meter measurements plus cut and weigh. I use ruumi every week to help me utilise my grass better.”

Mark Johnston

Northern Ireland



Additionality is the technical term for insisting that offset carbon is added to the carbon store through changes directly brought about by the offsetting initiative.

ruumi works with farmers to reduce and avoid carbon emissions. We never sell existing carbon. Every ton you offset is new carbon, achieved through a combination of transparent actions. Equally, new carbon stored as a result of government mandates (that would have been stored even without your support) is not additional and will never form any part of the carbon credits you purchase via ruumi.



That’s why our carbon certificates are for carbon dioxide actively removed from the atmosphere and sequestered in soil.

To further guarantee the permanence of ruumi carbon credits, we only work with farmers whose land is ideally suited to grazing – ensuring as far as we can that newly sequestered carbon will remain stored.



Our unique interactive Registry gives our farmers and offsetters the same real-time access to satellite images and farm data. Wherever possible, we also try to match offsetters with local farms. In our experience, the most inspiring projects are the ones which accelerate real change – and bring tangible benefits to local communities.