We believe farms can be biodiverse, require little machinery, provide farmers with good money, animals with healthier lives and consumers with better food.
The ruumi team has expertise in satellite mapping, ai, data science and design. We met while working for Mercedes’ autonomous vehicle program in Germany, and seeing the potential of our combined skills, ruumi was born. We surround ourselves with knowledge experts from every field.
CEO - Johannes Scheibe
Before joining ruumi, Johannes was Engineering Manager for data infrastructure and realtime machine learning at Daimler’s autonomous program. Previously, having a degree in machine learning and cognitive modelling as well as having worked as data scientist, Johannes headed data teams in different mobility companies. He has also co-founded a startup that offered AI supported remote physical therapy.Johannes grew up amongst the trees, in a village in the middle of the “Woodlands” in Thuringia, which explains his height and love for sausages. Today he enjoys wearing socks with cute duckies on them.
CTO - Daniel Hofmann
Daniel joins ruumi from Daimler where he was building up and leading the routing team and later was working on machine learning in the autonomous vehicle domain.During his career Daniel has worked at Mapbox in the mapping space where he made major contributions to high performance routing engines and built planet-scale machine learning solutions for satellite and aerial imagery. In his free time Daniel enjoys his hammock and high-frequency trading the banano crypto-currency.
CPO - Paddy Long
Paddy was the Customer Experience Lead on Mercedes Autonomous Vehicles program. He’s a designer with significant business experience. Paddy is fascinated in the end user, gets to know them and continually tests new ideas to push products forward. During his career Paddy has worked for Emirates Airlines, start-up onefinestay and global innovation consultancy IDEO. He has also worked on London’s award winning pedestrian wayfinding system. Paddy needs to get outside as much as possible, and if you ask, he’ll play you the Acrobat on his trombone.
Engineering Lead - Britta Weber
Britta has a PhD in probabilistic image processing. Previously, she worked at Elastic, Careem and was a Co-Founder at bunch.ai.
In her spare time, Britta monitors tree and forest health using satellite data, because of her passion for preserving the natural world.