Here to make a difference

We’re a small team and we love what we do. We believe that biodiverse farms can sequester more carbon, provide animals with happier lives, consumers with better food and farmers with fatter profits.

Britta Weber
Engineering Lead
Britta has a PhD in probabilistic image processing. Previously, she worked at Elastic, Careem and was a Co-Founder at In her spare time, Britta monitors tree and forest health using satellite data.
Andrey Enavin
Senior Engineer
Andrey is a full-stack engineer with a degree in mathematics and computer science. He worked on the frontend of AUTO1's wholesale platform for car dealers, built an IoT location platform at HERE and worked on realtime geospatial data processing at Careem. Andrey plays the guitar and reads sci-fi.
Johannes Scheibe
CEO & co-founder
Before joining ruumi, Johannes was the Engineering Manager for data infrastructure and realtime machine learning at Daimler’s autonomous program. He's headed data teams across mobility companies and co-founded a startup that offered Ai supported remote physical therapy. Johannes grew up in a village amongst the trees which explains his height.
Daniel Hofmann
CTO & co-founder
Daniel joins ruumi from Daimler where he led the routing team working on machine learning for autonomous vehicles. Daniel has worked at Mapbox on high performance routing engines and planet-scale machine learning solutions for satellite and aerial imagery. He also enjoys trading the banano crypto-currency.
Paddy Long
CPO & co-founder
Paddy is a designer and was the Customer Experience Lead on Mercedes Autonomous Vehicles program. He’s worked for Emirates Airlines, start-up onefinestay and global innovation consultancy IDEO. Paddy needs to get outside as much as possible. You’ll have to ask him not to play you his trombone.
James Daniel
James is the founder and director of Precision Grazing Adept at helping farmers to increase farm profit with regenerative methods, we’re delighted to have James as part of the team. James was introduced to managed grazing systems in NZ in 2015 and has since then worked with livestock farmers across the UK.
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