We’re a dedicated – possibly obsessed – team of data scientists, designers, and software engineers.

Between us, we probably know more about the place where satellite imagery meets AI than anyone else on the planet.

Together, we've spent the last two years listening to farmers – an experience we wouldn’t swap for anything!

As a result of what we’ve learned, we feel deeply optimistic about the possibility of restoring a healthy balance between mankind and nature. By putting the real-world needs of farmers first – and by being open and honest about what we can and can't do – we believe we can make a difference.

Our goal

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We believe that biodiverse farms can sequester carbon, provide animals with happier lives, consumers with better food, and farmers with bigger profits.

Our goal is to create a mutually beneficial infrastructure which accelerates the transition to a new kind of livestock farming – zero input, high output farms with happy cows and thriving eco-systems. We want to see farmers who are profitable without subsidies, companies excited about removing their greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, and consumers who feel reconnected with the people and places which produce their food.

What we have built

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The ruumi grazing app

Managed grazing is widely seen as complex (in terms of planning) and labour intensive (in terms of measuring grass. The ruumi grazing app has been developed by farmers, software engineers and data scientists to help overcome these challenges. It uses a combination of multi-spectral images and radar from Sentinel satellite, soil maps, seed mix data, and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to provide farmers with real-time information – and the user-friendly tools they need to plan ahead with confidence.

The app helps farmers plan fertiliser-free grazing rotations that result in more grass, improved soil quality, and healthier animals – without the worry of making potentially expensive mistakes. It also helps create records, made up of remote sensing and on-the-ground datasets. It’s this unique capability which allows ruumi to generate carbon credit certificates of truly exceptional transparency, quality and value – to farmers, companies who want to offset, and the environment generally.


Our app isn’t perfect, of course. It’s still learning – just like us! That’s why we’re always on hand to help farmers avoid nasty surprises such as unexpected weather conditions, low grass covers, overstocking, and drought. We also offer a comprehensive program of webinars and access to a network of experts. Above all, we seek to forge lasting connections between farmers who want to become more sustainable, and between farmers and companies who are serious about investing in progressive offsetting.

Transition funding

Why build the app and the network? Our ultimate goal is to build an infrastructure that supports farmers interested in managed grazing. Our app – plus remote sensing – gives potential investors unique, real-time insight into how their investment in carbon credits is helping to create a better world. By building engagement and delivering tangible benefits for companies interested in offsetting, we provide the necessary funds for farmers to improve their soil quality.

What we will build

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Watch this space! Until now, agriculture has been woefully under-served by the information technology revolution. Farmers have always innovated, however – and we’re already excited about how we can harness technology to support farmers long into the future.

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“What’s the point of ruumi?”

Livestock farmers desperately need more support. Otherwise we’ll just end up with hemp and oat monocultures which are terrible for our ecosystems.”

Daniel Hofmann, CTO & Co-Founder


I work with ruumi because I believe in their vision of self-sustainable farms with no artificial agro-chemicals. Farms where biodiversity and animal welfare is high, soils are replenished and rich in worms and mycorrhizal fungi. And where farmers are able to earn a living and get the recognition and appreciation they deserve from society. Information is the driving force, not machinery or chemicals.

James Daniel, Advisor & Founder
of Precision Grazing

james daniel

“Managed grazing works – but it’s stressful and time-consuming.”

Our team have developed revolutionary software, then worked side by side with over a hundred farmers to build an app that makes managed grazing as straightforward and predictable as possible.

Johannes Scheibe, CEO & Co-Founder


Farmers are under-served when it comes to technology. We want to bring mobile apps to farmers, with state-of-the-art usability – drop and drag icons, updates in real-time. Innovations that make a real-world difference and help us keep attracting the best engineers.

Andrey Enavin, Senior Engineer


“I’d love to farm more sustainably, but I have a living to make. People are only interested in the bottom line.”

Any realistic climate plan has to put dairy and livestock farmers at its heart. Our work is about helping to put proper tools and a proper incentive system in place.

Paddy Long, CPO & Co-Founder


Individual farmers shouldn’t have to shoulder all the risk. That’s why we’re creating communities of carbon farmers. The more people we get working together, the stronger we become.

Daniel Hofmann, CTO & Co-Founder


“Do you really believe you can make a difference?”

“Someone has to. Governments and regulators aren’t up to speed and vested interests want to stick with the status quo. But the status quo doesn't work. We have to figure out a way to funnel money from corporations to the farmers who are taking care of the environment.”

Britta Weber, Engineering Lead


By 2025, we can offset the annual carbon footprint of 1.5m EU citizens.

Johannes Scheibe, CEO & Co-Founder


By 2025, we can offset the annual carbon footprint of 1.5m EU citizens.

Johannes Scheibe, CEO & Co-Founder